Co-Founders' Story

Janellisse is about friends

This story begins at the heart of a friendship between two working moms – Nell, a mother of three, a university professor and the ultimate practicalist, and Jeanette, a mother of two, a former top-tier lawyer, and a lover of luxuries. 

Their shared journeys into motherhood (topped off by a pandemic) brought about immeasurable chaos and a shift in priorities. Nevertheless, the moments that sparked joy and liberated them from the rhythm of every day needed a place. For Nell, that was a non-negotiable need for practicality, purpose, and longevity, and for Jeanette that was luxury, beauty, and sophistication. 

Janellisse seeks to fuse these seemingly contrasting ideals, making functional luxuries accessible to everyday women. 

The duo selected Apple Airtag Covers as their founding product as they are the epitome of practicality in the hustle of every day – keeping up with the whereabouts of keys, wallets, and missing luggage. The market falls short on stylish, well-made covers (mostly composed of silicone, limited color options, and thoughtless design). Through this collection and every product that follows, Jeanette and Nell intend to reimagine lifestyle products fusing quality, luxury, and affordability in ways the luxury and mass markets can’t.

Welcome to our world of beautiful luxury essentials that embrace life’s chaos.