Top Five Unique Ways to Use AirTags --It's Not Just for Keys!

We’ve all heard the horror stories about lost luggage (especially after this past holiday season). Airtags are a genius invention that you can slip in your bag while traveling to give you the peace of mind of always knowing just where your bag is. 

While lost luggage may never be a thing of the past, Airtags are so helpful in everyday use. Especially if you find yourself asking “hey, have you seen my ....?” to your partners, kids, or friends consistently. We’ve all experienced that moment of digging through the couch for your wallet or glasses, turning over every decorative pillow and throw blanket in your wake, only to find them in your car where you left them (and swore you’d remember).

You don't have have to go crazy looking for something every time you rush out the door. 

And, there are more uses for Airtags than just keychains or luggage!

Our top five unique ideas to attach your AirTags with the Janellisse covers (of course!):

  1. Your employee badge. If you haven’t looked through three handbags, a laptop bag, or a backpack to find your employee badge, then we can’t relate. As a lawyer and executive, our co-founder, Jeanette, knows this feeling all too well. Clipping on an Airtag covered in vivid pink leather doesn’t just make life so much easier, it turns your badge into a stylish accessory piece.
  2. Your kid’s sports bag. Get rid of the “Mom, have you seen my soccer bag?” altogether when you clip  an Airtag with a durable, well-made cover to the bag. Bonus points: if they go anywhere after practice, you’ll know just where to find them. Might as well attach it to your gym or yoga bag too! 
  3. Your car keys. We don’t even need to explain this one. Not only will you be able to keep track of your keys with ease, but you’ll also have a fashionable accessory. That is, if you’re able to discover and purchase a cover that could elevate your everyday style. 
  4. Your passport case. The traveler’s equivalent of “did I leave my curling iron on?” strikes every time you leave the hotel room without it. Rest assured that your passport is still in your room when you attach an Airtag to it. 
  5. Your dog, your furbaby. A simple and fast way to track your dog on a hike or find them anywhere they might travel off-leash chasing a squirrel. Clipping our protective covers to your pup’s collar makes them easy to find (even when they’re playing a game of hide and seek). 

Janellisse Airtags are stylish, bold, and the perfect addition to any keychain or household item that you lose frequently or just never want to lose. In colors like fuchshia hot pink, cool mint, emerald green, midnight black, and blush pink, you won’t lose your sanity or your knack for style.

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