The True Meaning Behind "Never Lose It"

There’s a person in each of us that is calm, cool, collected, and never loses their temper over something as simple as a misplaced gym bag. As modern women, we’ve listened to the meditation podcasts, created beautiful household organization systems to get ahead of problems, and redefined what it means to be “present” for everyone in our lives while dressed head-to-toe in the well-fitted athleisure, or running out the door in structured business wear.

Yet, there’s always something nagging at you. A lost gym bag, a kid that promised they’d meet you under the school entryway after practice but is instead near the parking lot out back. It’s five minutes here, five minutes there… and in the middle of all the little problems we solve, we lose time that we’d previously set aside for ourselves. The ten minutes that we spend making the world feel better is ten minutes we don’t have at the end of the night to do what we really want to do. 

And while we totally respect the woman who, without an ounce of outer utter frenzied panic, can sit down, count to ten, and try to remember where she last saw that damn gym bag, we also know that sometimes ten seconds is just too long, and if you could just pull up a tracking device… well, wouldn’t it be nice to have that time back?

Janellisse is not solely about avoiding meltdowns or finding what’s lost (though, those are the perks!). Janellisse is about recovering time that you deserve to have back. It’s about taking control over the things you can–and looking your best while doing it. 

We know that even the best made plans fall wayside (even if you’ve done everything in your power to make sure they don’t). Our stylish AirTag covers are designed to bring peace and style into your life. For the moment you’re able to look down at your Emerald green AirTag cover attached to your tennis bag or yoga bag, smile because it matches your grandmother’s cocktail ring, and think about the simplicity in solving the things that you can.

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