K-Beauty Mom (INCELLDERM) Product Details:

(1) Oil Mist for the Ultimate Radiance

The Vieton Oil Mist is a plant-based formula that nourishes dry, dull skin with vital nutrients for a revitalized and radiant appearance. With Camellia seed oil ethyl esters as a key ingredient, the mist profoundly moisturizes the skin. The unique double-layer formula balances the skin's moisture levels, providing long-lasting hydration and luminous radiance.

(2) Calming Balance Gel

This organic formula with rose water delivers serenity and comfort to sensitive skin while restoring water-oil balance. It features 8-layered hyaluronic acid for superb moisture retention, providing long-lasting hydration for 72 hours. Its cool, soft gel texture gently moisturizes dry skin.

(3) Dermatology First Package (booster & serum)

INCELLDERM'S must-have booster and serum are designed to nourish and fortify stressed skin. The moisturizing booster and plant-derived extracts combine to infuse intense hydration and cultivate skin resilience from the base. 

(4) Active Cream EX

Jeju Lava Energy delivers radiant hydration from the deepest layers of the skin. Enriched with 58% pure Centella Asiatica leaf water, this essential cream provides deep and lasting nourishment for healthy, bright skin. Plant-derived extracts and unique, active ingredients protect the skin from external irritations, nurturing resilient skin. With regular use, this hypoallergenic cream provides instant and long-term moisturization, resulting in a luminous complexion.

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