Why did Janellisse choose Airtags Covers as their first collection?

Jeanette’s husband first gave her the idea of Airtag Covers. She almost abandoned the idea because, while Airtags met her first two criteria for selling a product (the first being a meaningful purpose and function, and the second being stylish), she insisted that she had to be over-the-moon passionate about the product she was creating.

Jeanette told herself, “I won’t be happy and I won’t succeed unless I can create a beautiful product that I love and can’t live without every day.”

The idea of Airtag covers and beginning Janellisse continued to rattle in her mind, but she focused inward on herself and the innate–yet hollow–idea that anything she created must feel intrinsically tied to passion and success. That is until Jeanette watched "Soul" by Pixar and had an epiphany. The main character struggles to become a paid musician, and at the pinnacle of his career, notices that he isn’t any happier at his peak than when he started out.

Jeanette realized, “My happiness doesn’t depend on selling the perfect product, realizing a life passion, or achieving a goal. Happiness is something else entirely.”  

For Jeanette, happiness is a perfectly warm, nutty, rich latte in the morning. It’s the moment she knows that the fantastic resort-style dress she just bought was destined to be paired with her bold statement earrings waiting in the drawer for their turn to shine. Her happiness exists in pockets and moments, and if she created a product that could give other women that moment… that is true, actualized purpose.

 Janellisse aims to spark moments of joy when our products are used daily. To take something that feels like an everyday object and give it beauty. It’s the idea that beauty exists in moments, and beauty brings us joy. There is art in product creation, and Janellisse is excited to bring art to life in the simplest of ways.

Together with her co-founder, Nell, Jeanette returned to Airtag covers with new gusto. They quickly realized that the current market falls short on stylish, well-made covers (mostly composed of silicone, limited color options, and thoughtless design).  The Airtag cover was indeed the best first product for Janellisse – beautiful in design, stylish in every angle, versatile in use, and totally useful AF.

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